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Elevate Your Career with The Art of OMBRÉLAGE®: Empowering Colorists and Hair Stylists Since 2010


Our innovative and comprehensive training program is designed to help colorists & hair stylists take their careers to the next level, while also providing salons with the tools they need to expand their service offerings and increase their profitability.


Our 2 to 4 part coloring blueprint allows you to improve your efficiency and profitability, while also building trust and loyalty with clients. From Color Corrections, Platinum Blondes to Brunettes, Vivids & Neons, this method will assist you in creating a unique and dimensional highlight foundation allowing you to customize your approach and perfect your time management to working smarter, not harder.


At The Art of OMBRÉLAGE®, our mission is to empower you to become the most skilled and knowledgeable artist you can be, whether you work in a salon or as a freelancer.


Our resources include access to our Members-Only Instagram Academy, Videos, and both Virtual and Live Training Sessions. As well as a chance to become an OMBRÉLAGE® Certified Artist and an OMBRÉLAGE® Certified Ambassador.


Join our vibrant community of passionate and creative artists and colorists today!

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